Vampires Lust For Love & Blood


Created by vampiressamuto23 on Saturday, November 10, 2012


They wonder around the streets at night…

Searching not only for a prey…

But, for someone to love and be with for eternity.

They search around the city until they find that important person.

They find him or her…

They lust for your blood, but also…

They lust for your love…

You become special to them.

They take your hand…

You become hypnotized by their wonderful good looks and beauty.

They take you to sacred ground.

They look you in the eye with such piercing beautiful eyes.

You become frozen with fear…

But also, with excitement and longing.

You close your eyes…


Waiting for it to happen.

You grow scared again, but you try to relax.

In your head you’re screaming.

Your body starts shaking.

He or she puts their arm around you to calm you.

You take a deep breath and calm.

They gently slide their fangs against your neck, making your heart race.

Then their fangs pierce your neck.

Sometimes it’s painful or sometimes it’s not.

When they draw in your blood they make you feel as if they’ve just breathed in your soul.

When they remove their fangs from your neck you feel electrified and fulfilled…

And they feel fulfilled and happy.

You and your new vampire lover will give each other a few last kisses and be together forever and continue your love for each other for eternity.

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