Sun and Moon

It's a story on how Sun and Moon separated and used to be together before the dawn of man or of the elves.. :D This poem is inspired by Tolkien, "Of the creation of the Sun & Moon" - A chapter from 'The Silmarillion'

Created by Misachico on Friday, November 23, 2012

We both used to remember,
Such memories of our loving days.
We used to be together,
Every Spring in May.

The melodies that we made,
Songs that we have written,
All of it hath fade,
Seems to be broken...

High-pitched strings of thy violin,
Clear and bright as the sun
And the piano of its akin
Soft and gentle as the moon.

Together we make a perfect melody,
Like dew and honey
More like a symphony
Or a balance of harmony.

All of these we cherish,
Love that couldth never last...
Engulfed by Anguish,
Those things remained in the past...

Now, I, Moon was left alone
In this dark, cold nights
Weeping upon the windblown
Only left with these lights.

Lights, Lights that thee gave me,
But not thy scars.
Was our beloved memory
And songs that we wrote in the stars.

Now thee said, through the distance
Although it's hard for us to meet
There thee said in sweet cadence
That we shall meet again in an eclipse.

Those words I kept,
Together with the stars above.
Beyond the tears I wept,
The sounds of thy violin I used to love...........

By: Michaela Veronica B. Padora a.k.a. : Misachico (me)

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