I Need Courage (The Lioness)

Ick. Winter. Original Date: December 4, 2012.

Created by magicmia on Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Your sickly sweet frown
depresses my soul,
my heart weeps for your misery.
Sweet love why is it you frown?
Do you long for love?
Are you missing someone?
Your tears pain me
for we weep together,
yet you'll never know.
I've loved you from afar
for years it's been now,
I wish I had the courage.
The courage to tell you the truth
and to wipe away those tears,
to hold you while you cry.
I wish I could hold you
when the sadness takes over,
and make everything better.
I wish I could tell you
how much I truly love you,
or that I'd do anything for you.
Dearest Sunshine,
I never want you to leave,
for you brighten up my day.
A single smile warms me
as a light radiates through me,
you are my angel.
Guardian angel
you keep me alive,
you're my reason to live.

©Mia Streets

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