ONE DIRECTION!! my favorite boy band

Created by saffronX1DX on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There's many important things in my life
If only i was Harry's wedding wife
for you i would walk a million miles
yes im talking about 'MY' Harry Styles
But how about the amazing Niall?
Oh i do love his fashionable style
mine and Niall's favourite food is nando's
oh c'mon how cute is his irish nose?
Dont forget about the good looking Zayn
He is so wild that he may need a chain
The perfect gift for him is a mirror
Oh just only if they all lived nearer
Louis Tomlinson do you remember?
Born on the twenty fourth of December
Do you remember his crazy "CARROT!"
Im surprised he hasn't brought up "PARROT!"

How about the famous Liam James Payne!
He is definitly the one with the brain
How cute is it that he is scared of spoons
And how he loves his Toy story cartoons
Together they head in One Direction
Oh doesn't Zayn just love his reflection?
The fans have One Direction infection
Thats what makes up the band one direction

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