Created by RoselynEdwards on Friday, February 01, 2013

I’ve got not one, but two
Burdens laden my back
Quietus I pursue
Drives me like a wolf pack
Oh the burdens I cannot bear
They weigh me down,
Down to despair
I’m a haunted mind in ghost town
A shadowed spirit
A cloak unto joy
A shroud to freedom
Not predestined as an altar boy
So chained by shackles
Festering on my feet
Futilely moving my ankles
I’m no longer one of the elite
Because they drive me
And I’m their slave
In my mind that’s the Dead Sea
For I determine how I must behave
Remove this millstone
From ‘round my stiffened neck
For I fear my spine bone
Will suddenly have a wreck
And I’ll lose all my limber
To become a gaping tomb
Or become a pile of amber
In this nightmare of my doom

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