A poem of desire and the wanting for another.- Raquel

Created by RaquelS1998 on Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Calling my name at midnight, as two strong hands have a grip on my hips as shadows danced on the wall till dawn.Feeling, the warmth of your body heat coming on strong as I keep holding on to you. Sweet moistured, rain drops fall on the window seal as we feel the rhythmic vibe of the night. A loud, impatient, crass storm pounds on the ceiling when we share a deep passionate kiss in the glow of night lights outside. Touch and kiss without any miss of hands caressing up and down on me. The warmth of your heart beat as I listen in on the beats of your soul that go boom, boom, boom. Let me wrap my arms around you and whisper in your ear a sweet, tasteful seduction before you go insane in lust.I want you, I want this, I want it to never end.The warmth of our bodies combining as one as we feel the blissful touches of dusk, as we bathe under the rainy,moonlit night and as we let our body language speak for us it is a night to remember.

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