Dark Widow


Created by jleeakag23 on Wednesday, March 06, 2013

knife in hand.
sky is bland.
a dress is black.
a life is lack.
evil stance.
cold dead eyes.
she despise.
haunted soul.
and recognized not by the death of her hand
but for the mysteries
that lay afoot
upon this widows land
make-up not a spot in face
shes dreary dead
full of disgrace
she shunned out all the fellow folk
and burned down every tree in her space.
house half broken.
she stays awake
cant get no sleep
his death intake
she misses the erotic touch
his eyes.
his lips.
his face.
his shape.
anyone who trespasses
will know her evil spirit wakes
shes far to quick to lose her sight
a stab will soon come get your ass
drape you on her burnt up trees
and let your body rot and mingle
never let another touch her
she needed his love
not your tingle.
feeble piece of package
with no compassion
just a thrusting steel of nothingness
its cold. its dark. its nothing
you can see the damage
so know this before you lay on your pillow
pray, pray, pray
and stay away
from the DARK WIDOW

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