Ultimate Downfall

This isn't my best...im not sure i like it but i do like the idea i had...i just feel like it could be way better. Oh well. ^^

Created by PanicInWonderland on Saturday, March 23, 2013

A smile forms apon your face
A queen in everyone's eyes
You stand on a pedestal
You symbolize perfection
This is no easy task
The pressure is too much.
You lose balance
You think it would be overlooked
Forgiven at least
Of course they'd understand you
If only it were so simple.
Those you thought loved you
Stab you in the back
So much blood
So much pain
The scar remains
And the blood stains
Your once perfect is skin torn.
At least...
Everyone believed you were flawless
Thats what you believed
But no one's skin is that deep
Scratch after scratch
Cut after cut
You create a wound
Blood rushes out
Weakness showing.
Becoming dizzy
Vision fading
You fall off you tower
Their voices follow you down
"She so beautiful"
"So smart"
But then
They turn ugly
"Did you hear..."
"I can't believe she..."
One mistake
Triggers your destruction
One mistake
Is your ultimate downfall.

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