The Crooked Man

Depression; please enjoy.

Created by HeartOfTheUnderDog on Monday, April 15, 2013

He lurks about in the shadows.
Contemplating his next move.
He observes her in silence.
Waiting patiently to steal what little she has left.
His crooked smile appears in her dreams.
Red eyes peer into her soul from the dark abyss.
He feeds off her angry and sorrow.
His patience is running thin.
He's far too lonely to let this one slip by.
He must leave his print on her.
She will notice his presence when chills creep down her spine.
She will hear someone call her name when she is all alone.
Slowly she will lose her sanity.
Slowly he will suck the will to live out of her.
She hears his crooked laugh.
She feels his crooked hands around her neck.
She can't fight back...the crooked man has already won.

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