Not ready to grow up

This is a poem about me. If I were a fairy tale.. character I'd probably be the female version of peter pan.

Created by Rikkuyo on Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Am
I am impish and childish, not ready to grow upI wonder where my childhood has goneI hear the sounds of the summer days as we laugh and playI see the clouds forming into different shapesI want to go back to simpler timesI am impish and childish, not ready to grow up
I pretend to be a pirate searching for treasureI feel seasickI touch the old chest filled with gems and goldI worry about my adulthoodI cry because time is cruelI am impish and childish, not ready to grow up
I understand that I need to act like an adultI say I have the right to act how I wantI dream of everything slowing downI try to act matureI hope I will be a wonderful adultBut for now I'm not ready to grow up
I am childish and impish, not ready to grow up

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