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Created by Babygirl1492 on Saturday, April 22, 2006

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Our love is everlasting
An Angels Touch VERY VERY SAD if u don't cry u have not heart
The Man That Hurt Me( THIS IS NOT TRUE)
I've loved him from afar
I've loved him for so long
I feel him in my heart
This love is like a song
Sweet and rythmic
Endless and pure
Does he feel the same about me?
My feeling for him is sure
I have been very lonely
Caue my love will always last
I've been waiting for a while
So much time has passed
Finally he loved me back
He held me in his arms
It was like a sweet dream
No one could do such harm
We stayed together for a while
Our love shall always last
Then upon came a war
We tryed to put it passed
Then the day came
A letter in his hand
He had to leave in a week
It was time to be a man
He loaded up for Germany
He packed up his belongings
He left on a friday
I remember all the longing
He wrote me everyday
And wrote him back
our love ws everlasting
Until the one attack
A bombing in the city
Many boys were killed
But certainly not my Johny
That thought just gave me chills
The letters stopped coming
I told myself he was ok
I never gave up hope
All I did was pray
it was a friday
exactly 2 months before
he left off for Germany
Never to return
I remember when it happened
My greatest fear came true
My John was killed
This I already knew
I've loved him from afar
I've loved him for so long
I feel him in my heart
This love is like a song
Our love was everlasting
Our love will never die
Even if Johny did
It's never a goodbye
Our love is everlasting

My mommy was an angel
She was a gift from God
When he had to take her back
She floated into the sun
It was a sunday morning
A morning filled with dread
The rain became so powerful
My mommy would soon be dead
My daddy wasn't home
So we were all alone
I did not understand why she had to go
She said it was time though
I remember holdoing her had
As she started to drift away
She said not to cry
She would see me again someday
She slowely closed her eyes
They were filled with tears
I crawled into her arms
To sleep away my fears
She mummbled 5 words
That I will not forget
She said would watch over me
And then she forever slept
I remember her grip loosend
She had really died
I stared at her forever
Then I broke down and cried
I remember so much about
Her hair so soft like thread
her eyes had such a twinkle
Now thoses eyes were dead
Her cheekes always so rosie
Her skin was oh so soft
her touch was like an angels
Her voice was like a song
No that she is gone
It's very clear to see
God had blessed us with an Angel
Who touched so very many

I was a little girl
When I hurt so bad
he took advantage of me
This man was my dad
He put on the bed
And he did so much more
I can't even describe it
It as a horror
It happend so much
It became a routine
Whenever I was bad
He did it again to me
I have not recovered
I haven't told no one
I decided to end my life
so he can't hurt me anymore
I grabbed a sharp objects
And struck it to my flesh
As the blood poured out
My body felt refreshed
On the bthroom mirror
I wrote with much vein
With blood that splattered all over

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