God Gave Me You...

~ For Mother's Day

Created by 1Maria1 on Wednesday, July 03, 2013

You're a special person given to me by God.
You keep me going in life,
With your jokes and stuff.
Thats why I'm alive.
You understand me and make me smile,
At times cry and whine.
But I cant stay without you,even for a while.
We are'nt so far away,
thats why I'm glad.
If I have you,I'll never go sad.
I'm so happy when I'm with you
I believeGod gave me you.
You make me laughand dry my tears.
You're always at my side.
You finish my fears.
You can't stand it,
when you see me in pain.
You're so worried,
that the blood stops in your viens.
You're my best friend
.My only one best friend.
You're so amazing,
and on you I can depend.
You care for me so much
And for me you want the best.
I'm special to you.
And you keep me cuddled in you nest.
I love you so much.
You're special to me.
You understand me,
and see me through.

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