pencil sharpener


Created by zepper3 on Friday, July 26, 2013

I am a pencil sharpenerAll shiney and newWrap up in a packet waiting for someone to take meAh look here a person has picked me up
I am checked out and put into a bag and taken away from the store
My adventure begins
Then my owner sets me in a bucketWith others just like meSome green and yellowSome sharpe and some dullThe class begins and I am picked upA little boy sharpens a red colored pencil to color a firetruck
After him a little girl picks me upShe needs a yellow crayon sharpened to draw hair on her girl
After hours of being picked up and used the older kids come inThey are not as fun, or as enthusiastic
A girl grabs me, I expect to be used but no she slips me into her pocketWhen I come out I'm in her room on her desk
Am I going to be used for amasterpiece?
Or maybe a grand coloringBut instead she takes a a screw driver and unsrews me from my baseWhat is she doing to me?
I am soon just a naked bladeShe presses me to her wristHer cold skin stung meShe was crying and slowly drove me down into her skin and ran me over her wrist
What was she doing?She seems to be mummbling to herselfTalking how she has nothing leftThat no one likes herThat no one talks to her
Blood soon surfacesShe does this again and againI can't do anything to stop herShe slices her arms five time on each one
I am soo laid down on a table and she walks awayWhat have I doneI have hurt a girl
I was made to help createNot destroy

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