They Say I'm Beautiful

It gets a little silly somewhere in there (as all poems written at 2 AM do) but for the most part it's serious, and I worked really hard on it. please rate.

Created by rainingredroses on Wednesday, August 14, 2013

They say I'm beautiful,
I say they're wrong,
they only say that,
because they don't know how long,
I've been fighting for my life,
these scars are the proof,
the desperate plea,
of an agonized youth.

If they saw the scars,
would they still call me pretty?
Or with the pain etched in skin,
would they feel disgust and pity?
They say I'm beautiful,
they say I'm fair,
but seeing my shredded thighs,
would they still dare to care?

They say I'm beautiful,
so what if it's true?
it doesn't change my hips and thighs,
scarred red and blue,
all I need is white,
then at least I'll be patriotic,
now whoever's reading this,
probably thinks I'm psychotic.

So that's what it's come to,
psychotic and beautiful,
I don't even care anymore,
if they think it's pitiful,
They say I'm psychotic,
I say they're right,
they say I'm beautiful,
and I cry all night.

How could they think I'm pretty,
with my skin so scarred?
Why can't they look past outward beauty,
to see into my heart?
If only they could love me,
the real me, not just the pretty face,
then maybe I could accept myself,
unfortunately, that's not the case.

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