I'm Still Trying


Created by SarahRogers on Thursday, September 12, 2013

I have approched the eyes of the unkind

I have been near and far

I have been with friends who leave

I have been with friends who care

I have a friend who is friends with someone I dispise

But still I shall try

I might be not be able to bare it

I'm still trying Briana

I really am

Even though I can't stand it

And I'm glad we made up

I'm still angered

And very hurt that you chose that

I'm trying

I still am

I'm still trying

So so so hard

I really am

So please don't get mad at me

If I get mad at her, Briana

I'm trying

And I'm still crying

But I am going to try

I am I am I am

I'm filled with hate

And I have made a spot for you

Just in case

Do you see how scared I am now?

But Briana, I'm trying

I still am

And That’s all that matters

I'm still trying

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