We don't gel

This poem is a bit droany but it accurately conveys the way in which i feel obssessed with thoughts of relationship matters when they don't go as well as hoped; the constant cycle of analysation. I had to stop!!! So I wrote this poem ;)

Created by Bethany17 on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We don’t gel

Do you ever ponder?

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever blunder?

Why we don’t gel

We don’t gel,

that well

Our love was one that never was


We don’t gel

We don’t gel,

That well


Not well enough anyway


The problem’s not a pin in a stack of hay

Our jam is like butter on a summer’s day

We don’t gel

We don’t gel, that well

Do you know that I have tried very hard I have to say

I have tried hard to make it gel that way

The way agar would thrive upon a jelly plate

But nature didn’t gel

Nature didn’t bond

Nature meant that we would never gel that way

Because we don’t gel

We don’t gel, that well.


Well, well, well

I say

Will we ever gel?

Will we ever gel that well?


I say


Because I know it in my heart

As deep as knitting stitches art

That we will

Never gel well

Never gel well, that well

Ever ever


Ever ever


That well

But I will find another agent

Cornflour to my sauce

Xantham gum

To my rum

To gel

To gel

We don’t gel

That well.

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