I'm Happy {Forgotten Best Friend}

...It's happened so many times... I've just learned to accept that I'll be forgotten and pushed to the side, but needed later in the future whenever someone gets hurt and falls again...I'll always be a best friend faded into the background...a forgotten best friend... but I'm still here for you... ~IlluminatingEclipse

Created by IlluminatingEclipse on Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I’m happy you’re happy

though you’re forgetting me

Not that I really mind

it’s what was meant to be

I’m happy you’re okay

You’ve decided to keep living

It’s okay that I got hurt in the process

I’m all about forgiving.

I’m happy you found love

though it means I’m abandoned

After all you did find that someone

so I’m happy but also saddened

I’m happy you’re better

I just wish I didn’t have to lose a friend

But hey I’m alright, I’ll be okay

after all, this is how it always end.

The forgotten best friend is I

the one who’s always there

and the one who never leaves

who stitches you up when you tear

I’ll always be the one right behind you

guiding you like I would for anyone

but especially for you my dear friend

for you too helped me when I was done

I’ll become the forgotten best friend again

and turn into your own guardian spirit.

I’ll always be here to catch you

so you better not forget it.

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