Valentine's Plague

This poem features Madeline Wolfen and Chris Right. Two main characters in my series, The Little Werewolf. This poem is kinda sad, so don't be all "WHY DO YOU HATE ME INSANEWOLFY?!" if you are sensitive. But the poem is not really that sad... SO LETITH ME KNOWITH IF I SHOULD MAKEITH A STORY ABOUT THEM...ITH...

Created by InSaNeWoLfY on Sunday, December 22, 2013

Madeline Wolfen, the werewolf we know,
Has disliked the hearts and romantic shows,
That people display on every way,
But she hated it the most on Valentine's Day.
She was in love, though didn't know why,
But seeingothers' love, made her want to cry.
She looked to her crush,
A boy named Chris Right.
She wanted to tell him,
Maybe, she just might...
She pushed back the thought. He must not know.
She must not let her fellings show.
For if he knew, she could not bear,
To stand by as their friendship teared.
He didn't love her. She was certain.
She had to be blinded by a truthful curtain.
She was not normal,
She was not human,
But if she still was then she wouldn't
Let her feelings bottle inside.
And let her love run and hide.
"Goodbye..." she said with ahesitantfrown.
As both clueless lovers treked theoutskirts of town.
"Goodbye..." he said equally sad,
She didn't know why, but she was glad
That he didn't ask why she was was so blue.
And Valentine's Day was only half way though.
She watched as he walked slowly away,
And felt her heart begin to decay.
She wanted to shout, to scream "I love you!"
But if she did, would she say so too?
Or would he laugh, and not speak to her?
Her feelings were strong, but she had to conquer,
Her feelings of love, longing and joy,
And continue lying to the fragile boy.
She was too scared. Did he already know?
But lucky for her, that answer was no.
Chris was actually very in love.
With the same girl mentioned above.
He too was very afraid.
And knew there was a price to be paid,
If he spoke out ho he felt,
Instead of lying and feeling the guilt.
"I love you." he wanted to say,
It was the perfect moment on Valentine's Day.
They both shed tears as they parted away,
Both suffering the pain of Valentine's Plague...

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