All I've Ever Wanted

Yes, it's really long. It takes up 2 pages on paper in this format. Eh. But it was my heart that wrote it, so i couldn't argue. I hope it makes makes you feel.

Created by AceOfHearts1996 on Sunday, January 12, 2014

All i've ever wanted
was to hold someone's hand
not just anyone's hand
cuz that would be weird
but you know what i mean
No, but seriously--
all i've ever wanted
was someone to love me
really love me
no matter what i look like
or how i act
or how long it takes me
to complete a single task
All i've wanted was this:
Someone to hold me
when i'm down,
which is often,
Someone who knows my thoughts
who isn't appalled
And who understands
The things i'm going through
when i'm being driven out of my
when i'm about to go completely insane
They'll be there
waiting to catch me
when i fall
through the rain
they'll see it all
The times i laugh
the times i cry
They'll understand
the reason why
and every time
i look outside
instead of the cloud
i'll see the silver line
And i'll know everything's
going to be
When i see this person,
my world will light up,
and i'll see past
the storm
And when we're together,
i'll realize
it's what i've been waiting for
all along
Just someone to be there
All i've ever wanted
was to hold someone's hand
--not just anyone's hand...
but the hand of the one
who holds the key
to my heart
All i've ever wanted
was you.

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