Just a poem about that typical Monday morning vibe. You know, that feeling when you wake up and you're like "Crap, its Monday".

Created by Deathmare on Saturday, February 15, 2014

1200 minutes.
I still have 20 hours.
I cant think what to do.
I still haven't taken a shower.
I need to eat some breakfast.
The milk has just gone sour.
I'm too lazy to make some food.
I still need something to devour.

I guess I'm way too tired.
I hope that I don't get fired.
This situation is dire.
Let me get clothes out of the dryer.

I forgot that I still had work.
I thought that today was Sunday.
I planned on eating a sundae.
Too bad that today is Monday.
I thought it would be a fun day.

I thought I had to rush.
I got ready in a flurry.
My clock was an hour forward.
I ended up coming early.
I really should have slept.
My mind is still way too blurry.
I got my work finished early.
I treated myself to some curry.

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