That little girl (This will definetly make you cry)

This is about a little girl who lost her mother when she was young and died with her.

Created by WillowxRain on Thursday, April 27, 2006

The poem is in the results. It is really sad.
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These small little hands,
And tiny little feet.
I don't think I remember,
Anything half as sweet.
She was happy in life,
This energetic girl,
And to her, her mum,
Was the entire world.
She would finger paint,
With her mum by her side.
Never realising just how much,
Her mum was dying inside.
She would skip along to school
With her lunch as always.
With her mum in her right hand,
This would happen on most days.
But she never guessed,
What was up with her mum.
She was too young to understand,
I guess only some,
Would really know what was wrong,
Why she couldn't stay on much longer,
Why her mum was frail and weak,
Needed someone to make her stronger.
But she couldn't afford,
The help she would need,
She had cancer of the lungs,
No one to take the lead.
No one to make her rest,
And take all of the stress
Of bringing up this little girl,
On her own in this lonely world.
But this little kid,
Had no idea,
She didn't worry yet,
Because her mum was still here.
But as she was at a playgroup,
Little did she know,
Her mum had died,
Shovelling the snow.
And as the little girl,
Rushed all the way home.
To take a picture to her mum,
She found she was alone.
She thought that her mum,
Had gone to the store.
So she waited on the couch,
Until she saw.
An arm poking out of the snow,
Outside in the damp, wet and cold.
She ran outside to find her mum,
Who was laying in this icy mould.
She tried to dig her out,
But her mum she couldn't save.
She didn't understand,
Her life. In, it was about to cave.
She didnt know where she could go,
To get help in this icy snow.
SO she sat by her mothers side,
Now this little child was dying inside.
She couldn't live on without her mum,
To cuddle her when she was down.
To encourage her when she was painting,
To turn her frown upside down.
She stayed by the body,
Till morning came,
Frozen and dying from the cold,
Wishing why things couldn't stay the same,
Her tears had spilt to the ground all night,
She was alone in this empty world,
Without her mum she was lost,
This tiny little lonely girl.
She lay by her mums side,
She didn't move didn't stir.
She was drifting into a cold sleep,
Her frozen vision now became a blur.
She died that morning with her mum,
Curled by her side.
That once little girl,
Had died inside.

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