the poem of rejection(have u been rejected?)

This I made when i was only 9-11 years old!!!

Created by corndogger55 on Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm invisible for all you know.
I'm not there but do you care?
I need you,but do you need me?
I'm not there but I want you to see me.
I'm not there to be seen by him.
I'm not there 'cause I'm invisible.
Do you see me?
Could you hear me when I screamed?
Do you care when I sing?
Do you love me like I love you?
Do you see me as I see you?
I want to be with you.
I want you to see the real me.
Not the one that takes strides.
Not the one who hates to cry.
Not the one so strong and bold.
Not the one that's not whole!
I want you to see this me.
The one that cries.
The one that screams.
The one that has hopes and dreams.
Hey hopefully you liked it it was hard 2 find so pleze rate thax
Did u like it?
Well if u liked it i have even darker things and poems to share ^*^
Fine then get lost

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