My Uncle, My Cousin, My Brother, My Friend

Created by ToFarGoneAndDamnProud on Sunday, May 28, 2006

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It hits me again as I'm sitting here
I'm never ever going to see You again
And so escapes another tear
A tear of love, scardness and dread
More come, flowing freely from my eyes
Can You really be dead?
This shouldn't be happening, but You really are
You were my Uncle, my Cousin, my Brother, my Friend
To me, You were the brightest shining star
You were the one who could make me crack a smile
You were the one who could make me laugh
You were the one who made my life worthwhile
But I remember going to the funeral home
And sitting lonely and sad
It replayed in my head, your just corpse full of bone
How could this happen?
Why was it You?
You said You'd be with be through and through
My life is now chaotic and askrew
But I hope You, my Uncle, my Cousin, My Brother, my Friend
That I will always love You

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