Why do you hurt me?

This is just a thought that I had in school this morning. I was in the bathroom combing down my wrap and putting in my contacts and I realized that the girls that stayed in the mirror the longest were the prettiest. Not to say that all the primping in the mirror made them pretty it actually made me feel like I had low self esteem because I had to stay in that damn bathroom for so long before I felt comfortable enough with my looks to come out. I dont know how that led to this quote, but this is what I came

Created by youngladyfresh on Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Aren't you going to read my wonderful, darling poem?
yes, duh that's why I'm here
Oh and did you read the memo for my first ever quote?
Yep it was really good!
I think I'm starting to see that you dont care about me
I dont matter to you and its sad that its true
Im just a toy and this is just a game
Im tired of you playing with me its driving me insane
I wish I could get away from you because your causing me pain
I think I like you hurting me because thats all you seem to do
I wish I could stop but I cant stop loving you
I cant believe that after all we shared
I cant make you love me I cant make you care
The love that we had I guess is no longer there

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