friends with benefits??


Created by lawrenza on Friday, June 16, 2006

always friends we remained
we knew what we wanted to do
casting stares at each other from the other side of the room
flashing smiles and giggles
silently we watched others make out while sitting uncomfortably
people talked of hooking up, but not you and me
we knew what we wanted
we had known from an early age it was more
the pretending and past relationships were gone
we knew what we wanted
i sat their fumbling with words and searching my mind to tell him how i feel
words though were not necessary we both knew what we wanted
slowing we moved lovingly towards each gazing into each other's eyes
he pulled me near and we kissed passionately as others looked on
we didn't care we both knew what we wanted
people knew what we wanted and we had just secured their assumptions
together we sat not speaking, but ther was no need for words
i felt his heartbeat and that was all i needed
i know pretty cool

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