Lord of the Rings Poems and Songs -----Hardest Lord of the Rings quiz yet-----

This quiz is on poems and song from both the movies and books!

Created by kreamygoodness on Friday, December 23, 2005

What song is this: Ho! Ho! Ho! to the bottle I go, to heal my heart and end my woe. Rain may fall, and wind may blow
Merry and Pippins Drinking Song
Gandalf's Sorrow Song
Sams Journeying Song
Tom Bombadills Drinking Song
Who sings this song: Through Rohan over fen and field where the long grass grows, The West Wind comes walking, and about the walls is goes...
Aragorn and Legolas
Arwen and Elrond
Frodo and Pippin
Aragorn and Theoden
When the black breath blows, and death's shadow grows, and all lights pass, come ---, come ---! Life to the dying, in the kings hand lying.
Poisen Ivy
What song was Estel singing when he first met Arwen?
Of Melkor
Of Imladris
Of Timladris
Of Undomeil Tinuviel
What is this song about: In the willow-meads of Tasarinan I walked in the Spring,...
Who tells Gandalf to send this message to Legolas: Legolas Greenleaf of the trees, In joy thou hast lived, beware of the trees, If thy hearest the cry of the gull on the shore, Thy heart shall then rest in the forest no more.
Who is this song sung by: Ai! laurie lantar lassi surinen, yeni unotime ve ramar aldaron!...
What is the title of the song in the previous question?
Lament for the Rohirrim
Lament for Gandalf
Lament for Boromir
Lament for Theoden
Who came to Elronds council for help on this poem being sung during a middle of battle? Seek for the sword that was broken, In Imladris it dwells; There shall be counsels taken, Stronger than Morgul Spells. There shall be shown a token, That doom is near at hand, For Isildur's Bane shal waken, and the Halfling forth shall stand.
How does Theoden's Battle Cry go? (Hint: This answer can be found if you look in the index of the Book!)
Arise! Arise, Riders of Theoden! Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
Gondor needs our help now! Arise, Riders of the Rohirrim! We ride to doom.
Theodens Riders! Awake, we ride to Gondor! Fell deeds await us there.
Riders of Rohan, Ride to your doom. We die a death of Honour!
Your as good as Gandalf in lore!
Orcs could do better than that! Goodness!
Im sure you could of done better than that, if youd of put some research into it!
You'll earn yourself a chapter in Bilbo's book one day!

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