Created by Sweet-Temptations on Monday, July 03, 2006

This didn't happen to me, a friends cousin or something like that got stood up and its a good base for a poem... yeah... just click the button already.
I thought that you loved me
I thought that you cared
I thought you were shy
Or maybe just scared

You gave all the signals
The message was clear
As I always thought
That'd you'd be right here

I built up the courage
To ask you on a date
When you didn't show
I just thought you were late

Then you didn't talk
Or even meet my eyes
What came over you
Was such a surprise

That's how you broke my heart
You could have just said 'no'
Instead of standing me up
That's just way too low

I got over you
Or so it would seem
But you wouldn't know
You haunt my every dream

Try and find a sign
To prove that I miss you
"I am so over him!"
(Please pass me a tissue)

Its not in my eyes
Or my smile so wide
My pain is hidden
As I'm crying inside

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