Little Taco

this is a stupid random poem i wrote after my dad ate my taco(from Taco Bell) while I was outside(for about 5 seconds)!!He is so evil and will pay.but the good news is i had another 1

Created by HeavenDropout on Monday, July 31, 2006

My little taco
I miss my taco
Why did you have to go
My little taco
Is this the end
Please tell me it's not so
My dear taco
Have you been taken
Oh NOOooooo
My little taco
I am so hungry
My energy is running low
My little taco
I found my taco
Never leave me again
But when I turned around
I couldn't help but frown
This world is so cruel
But the good thing is...
Now I am full
i hope that u learn from my mistake...:never leave sumthing u truelly luv alone and helpless even if it is 4 just 5 seconds

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