I CUT myself AGAIN lastnight(please read apology)


Created by orichalcos on Wednesday, August 09, 2006

...i'm reposting this poem because i want to say sorry to all of those that read this poem and were offended, i promise i didnt mean it that way. i dont mean to put down, make fun of, or offend anyone. This was just a poem on my mixed up feelings and the poem is talking about me, not the rest of the troubled population. and just because i said i was against cutting doesnt mean that i didnt do it. so sorry again...
Its in the results
I cut myself again last night,
although I knew it wasnt right.
I took away my pride, my dignity
all because of my selfish stupidity.
I tried to rid myself of the pain inside,
with these bloody scars that I try to hide.
One carved right below my heart,
I think thats where the pain did start.
The deepest are above my ankle
for the anger in my heart that rankles.
The rest lie upon my wrist
yet the pain inside still persists.
Why I do this to myself I do not know.
Nor will these cuts and bruises ever show.
Pain runs much deeper than the skin,
The pain I feel comes from within.

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