I Thought We Were Friends... (Sad Poem)

This is dedicated to one of my friends that never talked to me anymore after the seventh grade.

Created by midnightgurl12 on Sunday, October 22, 2006

You were always around
Even If I was down
You would lift me up away from the darkness
Help me into the light
You make me feel better when I'm with you
But now it's like we were never true
Our bond was never broken
Not even by the slightest fight
I could finally see the light
But your not there anymore
I thought we were friends until the end
But the end has brought us into a dark abyss
Never again will I miss
The chance to see you again
The light that once shone
Will be my guide stone
Your will to go on
Has set me into eternal sadness
I was your friend forever more
But I see that we were ever sore
Times grew tense and painful
Not even the slightest smile of hope
I sit in eternal sadness of what could have been
The friendship that I have cursed and sinned
When you walk by with that cold stare
I feel like crying into deep despair
You were never really there
The ghost of your voice
Will haunt my ever living mind
For my ever living kind

Dedicated to my friends Cameron that I will always stand by no matter what.
Oh my..
Sad no?

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