If I'm Not Here Tomorrow...(The Saddest Poem I have Ever Written!)

Okay people i worked really hard on this, so please rate and do not copy it as your own! Luvz, Allysa

Created by coledylanandjesserhott on Friday, November 03, 2006

PLEASE READ MEMO!!! Poem in results.....! Uh, yea!
Okay Then!!!
If i'm not here tomorrow,
Please try not to cry.
Please know that I love you,
And that I tried to say goodbye.
But since I didn't get the chance,
Now you all should know,
I really didn't have a choice,
God thought it was my time to go.
To My Friends: you guys are dearest,
I'll keep you in my heart,
I'll remember you forever,
Cuz I have loved you from the start.
My family: I'll miss you all.
I love you,
And I'm sorry I can't visit anymore,
Sorry I can't call.
Please do not cry for me,
Please go on with all of your lives,
Learn to drive and go to college,
Become husbands and wives.
This is just a new beginning,
I will see you again someday.
And though it won't be very soon,
I promise it's worth the wait.
I can't believe I'm leaving you,
But Heaven isn't that far.
And everytime you think of me,
I'll be here in your heart.

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