I'm Sorry I'm Not Perfect

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Created by AznJake on Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm sorry I'm not perfect, for that's what you deserve.
You're wonderful in everyway, and that, sweetie, is for sure.

No one makes me feel so happily inside.
As you do on a daily basis,
Saying any less than that's a lie.

It is obvious I care for you more than life itself,
But I dont know if you see how deeply in my heart you're held.

Sometimes late at night, thoughts of you invade my mind.
Not all of them are pleasant; some tear me up inside.

I know its pestimistic, so many tears i've cried,
I try to keep them in, from you, the dark thoughts I try to hide.

But, lately i haven't been doing so, Its been messing with our nights.
Beleive me, I dont mean to, and I thank you for each time being my guiding light .

So close to conflict in these past few nights we've come.
I'm sorry im so sensitive, I can't beleive i've been so dumb.

You're my passion, you're my sweetheart, my ecstacy, my cheer.
Not even death will end the love that I hold forever dear.

I'm sorry I am so often negative, it's like i've caught an emotional flu;
But you can bring the best of me out, and show me what I can do.

Without you here, in my life, I might as well be dead.
You keep back the sorrow and depression that's eating up my head.

I know that in the past, i've caused you lots of pain.
Knowing that i've done that is, on my soul, a permanent, agonizing stain.

Every moment I'm not with you is pure agony and stress.
I know I'll never be truly happy until we're together at last.

What I want to say is that I'm sorry I'm always so depressed.
I know it brings you down, but you stand forever by me, and for that you're the best.

A picture equals 1000 words, but I only need 3 to say;
And beleive me when I swear that this is true;
You really are my everything and that forever and always, "I love you".

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