Christmas Without You ((poem))


Created by Fonique2 on Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I made this last night when I was like, half a sleep. Such a sad night it was. Anyway, move along
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Christmas Without You
Poem By: Fonique2
It's that time of year again
But the happiness has yet to come
Maybe it's because I know
Who I won't be hearing from
The snowy days are bringing back
Those times I talked to you
Wrapped up in a blanket with cocoa
As the blizzards blew
One less little Christmas greeting
No more fun in the snow
Forget the ribbons and bows
Forget the mistletoe
I'll lie there under the Christmas tree
As I always do
Your song'll be playing in the background
Reminding me of you
I'll sit down at the computer
On Christmas Eve
But no Christmas email from you
Cuz one from Heaven I can't recieve
So on Christmas Day when I
Stare at the tree and mistletoe
I'll remember all the joy you brought me
And maybe that'll be my Christmas gift from the guy I use to know

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