A cancer patients prayer


Created by CliffhangerQueen on Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I wish God would give me wings to fly free

Unbound from Earth's chains of sin and misery.

Taking flight among the clouds, such a glorious sight

No longer running from pain or having to fight.

Leaving heartbreak on the ground along with other sorrow

Only having to look forward to the sunrise that announces tomorrow.

Death will only be a dream, tears a thing of the past

Hope will reign in my heart and love will always last.

I would never hurt someone with my selfish ways

I would live among the clouds, all of my days.

Sickness wouldn't be able to reach me sitting on a cloud

Feeling God's love run through me and laughing joyously out loud.

I lay in my hospital bed, cancer making me weak as can be

Wondering and wishing, if God would give me wings to fly free.

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