Does anyone remember my journal post about Biology? Well, this is the poem I used. To this day I don't know what grade I received. This is in haiku form.

Created by EatrofSirRobinsMinstrels on Friday, January 19, 2007

Plants are able to
Use light energy from the
Sun to make its food

Adenosine Tri-
Phosphate is energy source
It provides movement

Plants use light power
To change water, CO
To oxygen, carbs

Plants gather sun’s power
With light-absorbing pigments
The chief, chlorophyll

Plants are green because
Green does not absorb light well
Plants have carotene

Chloroplasts contain
Photosynthetic membranes
We call thylakoids

Thylakoids can stack
And then are know as grana
Singular: granum

Grana have clusters
Of chlorophyll and pigments
And photosystems

The light-dependent
Reactions take place in the
Thylakoid membranes

Stroma’s in the place
Outside thylakoid membranes
Works Calvin cycle

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