The Uncaring Boyfriend

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Created by daddyzgurl2192 on Sunday, January 21, 2007

She was a loner with problems
You were hers forever, or so she thought
When she needed help the most
She called you, looking for confidant
But when you knew she needed help
You just turned away
Painfully not caring for what she had to say
Whenever she was lonely
Just needing to feel a little needed
You always pulled away
Not listening to what she would say
She always wanted your attention
Always needing you to listen
She thought you would care
But when you didn’t
She thought you were being unfair
She always gave you her undivided attention
So why is it you couldn’t do that for her
Not even sparing 2 seconds to listen
After a week into her relationship with you
She finally got up enough nerve
To tell you the way she really feels about it
But as she suspected
You turned away not listening to a word
As the next two weeks go by
The opinions on you keep flying at her
Don’t they realize she loves you?
Just because she doesn’t get the attention
Doesn’t mean you guys should be over
Then one day, on the phone with you
She finally blows, she tells you the truth
Says she is sick of being ignored
You say one word to her
One meaningless, painful word
As you guys sit there on the phone
She sits there in silence
Listening to you blabber on
Why can’t you see?
That your self-centeredness affects her
You don’t care what she says
But then expects her to listen to you
She wonders shy you act like this
Wonders if you even care anymore
She can’t take it anymore
She has to end this relationship
She can’t stand being alone anymore
She has to have someone to listen to her
She needs to feel wanted in her life
When she finally told you the two words
“Its over”
You flipped out and threatened her life
She was so afraid
That she decided to kill herself
Rather than let you do it yourself
She ran to the basement in a flash
Trying to find a rope to use
Finally, as she tightens the nook
She says a final prayer
“Please be with him
As he goes on in life
Please be with him
As he struggles with strife”
With those final words
She kicked the stool from under her
And hangs there
The only thing the police saw
The only thing they used as a clue
Was the one phrase that was written below her
“I did this for him”

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