Why Can't You Accept Me The Way I Am


Created by o0Mystique0o on Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As always, poem in results
Why can't you accept me the way I am
Why can't you accept me
Just the way I am
Why do you ignore me
As I try my hardest to win your interest
Why can't you stand me
As I try my best
Why do you don't like me
As I try to be liked
Why are you so mean
As it hurts real deep
Why do you give me pain
As I don't understand why
Accept who I am
Accept the real me
That is my only question
But that's not what you can see
You see a little girl
Her nails painted black
Her expression may be intimidating
But her feelings are sad
Why don't you accept me
Just the way I am
Why does it has to be so hard
As I don't want it to be
I know you don't like me
I just want the reason why
Please just give me an answer
Please mommy why?

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