Spanish\ english poem 'La muerte' death


Created by joker100 on Monday, April 02, 2007

Yo soy la muerte
Que tu temes...
La muerte que vetes a noche
La que corrieres con miedo
Nomas porque te deje
tu tiempo viene a fin
No corras de mi
Que no vas a escapar de mi
Ven a mi
Y arrasa me
que te voy a borrar tus heridas,
tu miedo, y tus lgrimas
Ven conmigo
Ven a la muerte
Ven a tu fin de vida...
I am death
who you fear
the death that you saw last night
the one who you ran with fear
only because I to your time is up
Don't run from me
cause you won't escape from me
Come to me
and embrace me
that I will erase your wounds,
your fears, and you tears.
come with me
come to death
come to your end of life
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