I Want My Best Friend Back (poem about losing a guy to another girl)

Created by under-moon-light-skies on Monday, April 09, 2007

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I want my best friend back

These words in my head
They just keep repeating
Overlapping every noise I hear
Even my heart beating
They make me wanna scream out
Make me wanna tell you so bad
I wanna see if you remember
All the good time that we've had
But I can't bring myself to say it
No matter how hard I try
Time passes so fast
And suddenly you walk on by
Why can't I tell you?
I've known you for so long
But at the same time I know
This time we won't get along
But yet I wanna spill everything
Tell you how I've missed you so
I can't stop missing you
Even though nowhere did you go
Unlike the others
Even if you don't care you still remain
But its the reason why you remain
Thats causing me so much pain
The girl who sits ahead of us
everyone knows that you want her
but why can't you see
that when I'm around you my emotions stir
I've had over 100 dreams of you
Some better or worse than the rest
But then I wake and go to school,
And the way you treat me, it's like it's a test
You usually never talk to me
And that fact, it breaks my heart
But when you do speak to me
You tear me all apart
You think it's all a game
You don't even let me explain
You walk away thinking I don't care
And all I can think of is this pain
But now back to these words in my head
They scramble my every other thought
When I'm thinking of you
I often daydream, Then get caught
But what else can I do,
But think about what we lack?
I guess to sum it up
I just want my best friend back

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