A Guy Like You


Created by LiesxLove3 on Sunday, April 29, 2007

I wrote this on a whim, so it's sort of like a rough draft. I just needed to vent. Let me know what you think.


A Guy Like You

Never have I felt this way,
Didn't think it was possible,
To forget what I was going to say,
That with just a look,
I falter in step and forget,
A simple thing as to breath.
Never would I have thought I'd find,
Someone as perfectly suited for me as you,
You can spell your name and catch that fly-away ball,
Say something nice about everyone,
And the right thing at the right time,
Your butt looks really good in those jeans.
Never have I wanted to change,
But as of now, you're too good for me,
And all of those girls that giggle and touch your arm,
You're way too good for them,
So while they wear shorter skirts to get your attention,
I'll just smile and glance your way.
One day you'll look up and notice me,
Realize how beautiful I am, inside and out,
That I could be your everything and more,
But until then I'll just bide my time,
Concontrate on becoming a better person,
Someone worthy of a guy like you.

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