To Love Someone So Much It Hurts

I wrote this poem in sept or oct of 2006 and its ok considering I hadnt written a poem in several years.But I like my poem I wrote on 6/25/07 "Sayonara" more though. Anyway,I hope you like it^^

Created by FobbyNeenja on Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Hope You Like Me Poem^^
Cleek Zee Bohtunn XD--->
As I go on about in this cruel world
I feel as if Im dying
Dying from a feeling that hurts so much inside
That feeling is a wound of a heart.
People think Im carefree
But they have no idea that they are being deceived.
Why do I have a wound of a heart you may ask?
If you wanna know,ask that girl over there.
The one who doesnt even care.
Doesnt care about how much Ive done for her
And yet...
She still wont aknowledge the fact that I love her.
Even after all the times
She broke my heart
Made my world fall apart
I still love her and I dont know why.
It hurts so much that I want to cry.
To love someone so much
I just want to die.

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