i miss you dad

my dad died the 12 i will miss him so much this poem is for him

Created by darkmythiccat on Saturday, January 14, 2006

How can people take the pain when there love ones die its like a part of you die when they do you can never be the same you know they love you but with them not with you its so hard to live you just want to die with them then maybe you heart could be put back together what will we do with out you, you dont get to see me with my first boyfriend you didnt even see the last report card you died the day before we all miss you but I will never forget you. You might of done bad things put you where still my dad and you loved me you might have not been there either in jail or out with your friends put you still loved me how could god take you it might have been for the best but when you try to forget or hope its a dream its so much harder you cry contently you cry so much you get tried you wake up early cause you cant sleep it at the back of your brain the demons are still laughing even if they know something is wrong there still there to make fun of me I just cant take it anymore you will never be there any more my birthday was jut a mouth away but turning fourteen without you there will be like having no knowledge in your head the crts are coming are you still proud of me did you have to die cause now I feel the pain I try not to cry I really do put I just cant no more Christmas with you their will be a empty seat Billy-ray and anothy will never know all I wish I couldve done was tell you good bye at least the last thing I told you was I love you I know you couldnt do that much for me I know all the bad things you did but I still loved you and I still do but its so hard being at school always thinking what if what if what if you did this what if you did that I lost my dad on January 12, 2006 even that day people was making fun of me even today January 13,2006 even when I looked sad the demons always seem to find a way to get me angry even on this day I will never forget you and I will always love you. My eyes are red with tears my head I filled with meriois my mouth is filled with cries my ears can still hear his voice. And I always will till the day I die.
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