I Made A Mistake.....

I'm sorry....you know who you are.

Created by PunchMonkeyGiggles on Monday, July 23, 2007

In ThE rEsUlTs BaBy!!!!!
To ThE rEsUlTs!!!!
I Made A Mistake....
Between us
There was negativaty.
No words spoken,
Just whispers
Of hatred.
Into your eyes,
I saw you guilty,
Hated you
For nothing.
Something I was ignorant of.
In my eyes
You saw
This girl,
Who turned the other cheek.
I'm a cold person.
I am heartless.
I don't listen.
I am stubborn.
I am hard headed.
I didn't know.
And yet....
I blamed you.
Please forgive me.
Accept me again.
But if you don't.
I'll know how it felt,
To be rejected,
By someone
You love.
I'm sorry......
If I could take it all back
I would.
I'd send you a thousand apologies
If I could.

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