I Wish I Wasn't Me


Created by Gerardsxladyxofxsorrows on Sunday, July 29, 2007

I wish I wasn't so emotional.
That I didn't look into things so much.
Or take every word that's said to heart,
And cry over little things and such.
Sometimes I feel like no one understands me.
And that no one wants to try.
Some days I get in dark, depressed moods,
And feel like I want to die.

I wish I didn't feel this way,
Always distant, regretful, and sad.
That I could focus on the happy things,
And all the good times I had.
But at night I cry myself to sleep,
Giving way to horrible dreams.
Then pondering the next day on them.
I have no life, it seems.

I wish I enjoyed the things I used to,
Laughing, having fun, being happy.
But instead I lie atop my bed,
Watching movies that are sappy.
I'm always negative and seem to think the worst,
Sometimes even I find it hard to be around me.
I'd just like to leave, to escape myself,
So then I could finally be free.

I wish I wasn't me.

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