How To Make A Monster


Created by xXxgrints-number-onexXx on Wednesday, August 01, 2007

how to make a monster
the impressionable mind
fixated on the plasma, playing a fantasy
of mock-perfection.
diving into the pregnant minds
of those who have conceived these dreams.
the intercourse of glamour and unrealistic beings.
the eyes of grace winked at me
while staring at my blemished face
ive been infected by the epidemic of false beauty.
the techni-color screen
offers a new strut for the nip and tuck.
a plastic pretty pressing the idea
of starvation and a purge-worthy pain.
ive never felt so alone in an army of parasites.
the eye of grace winks at me
staring at my makeup face.
this is how to make a monster.

[i did not write this, a friend of mine did so i do not take credit for this]

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