Im Moving Out.


Created by faithlesslover on Thursday, October 11, 2007

You stand and stare
Ready to run
Before you can leave
A talk has begun
You scream that you are sorry
And you wont do it again
But words are only feeble
And im no longer sane
You sigh that you'll miss me
And mum wont talk to you
But cant you see?
Im going to miss you too.
You're the reason that i stayed
But my time here must end
I'll leave you some treasures
To drive mum round the bend
Oh suar plz just smile
I'll be back next holiday
You can come and stay at mine
Everything will be ok.
The music wont be a pain
And you'll have quiet all the time
Isn't that what you wanted?
And screamed since you were nine?
I'll write and call
So you can say
How much you miss me
With every passing day
When You're older too
You can live with me!
Show me that pretty smile
So it's the last thing i can see.
go to the results!
there's one in another p.o.v too!
i was bored!

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