When you don't feel love anymore

well its not really a poem more like feelings

Created by jnanMurderdolls on Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not feeling that same tingly sensation
with the touch of your lips
I seek it, but it's not there anymore
Do i seek it in someone else?
I dream of finding that sensation again
Everyday in my dreams i can imagine
With you i don't must i stay with you
Why? you might ask i couldn't stand to see your heartache
You need me, but I'm dying inside
I seek that voice to make me shiver
That shiver i no longer feel with you
Everything is gone I'm afraid to tell you
You'll hate me forever
No one can love me like you do
But i can't love you like you love me
What must i do
Tell the truth
Or live a lie
I dream and create my life a life that doesn't exist
Will you understand one day?
I ache not being honest with you
You have been so honest to me, but i'm scared
I shake just thinking about the pain
I'm I making a mistake? Or is there hope?
I did love you once i never lied when i said I love you
I wish i could love you back like you love me back
I seek the touch, the sensation, the shiver, the goosebumps,the butterflies, the emotion
What's it like not loving anymore?
More importantly what does it feel to truly love?

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