. . .The Crab. . . ( -- Poem One -- )

Just thought I'd make it an all-rounder and put up one of my poems.

Created by Emmarmalade on Monday, January 23, 2006

Rippled silk of liquid heart Rolling navy deathly faces Staring at the endless blue Cascading across lips of purity Gently flowing on emptiness
Kill the cemented brethren Staring blatantly at my side Empress of my mind
Dark destiny
Sympathise with the weak of mind
Pity the disabled brain
Moving sideways
Vertical thinking
Untouched and delicate
Eco-system of my heart
Glaring viciously from the sidelines
So alive it hurts
Descend unto holy rock
Lapping up the insults
Infinite digits
Controlling my thoughts
Step into the deep
Coming for me
Off the rock
Onto the pebble
Skeletal exterior
Oyster of my heart
Came such a long
Really was a short way
Missing limbs
I'm rotting inside.
By Emma
The Crab... How Odd.
Please, don't hesitate to criticise... I thrive off it.

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