The Life Of A Firefighter (sad)

Created by yoursweetrevenge on Thursday, December 13, 2007

  The Life Of A Firefighter

The fire grew even larger
By the time I pulled up there.
There were screams I could hear
That even gave me a scare.

We didn't know where to start.
Things were such a wreck.
The firefighters and me began slowly
On our long treck.

I went into the building
And saw a child.
The flames got bigger,
They went wild.

I saw the kid's face
And saw her tears.
It reminded me of my brother,
And all my other fears.

My brother died when he was little,
In a fire much like this.
Back then all I could do was watch
And listen to the flames hiss.

I tried to get to the girl,
But a beam fell infront of me.
Dust blew in my eyes,
And I couldn't see.

The roof began to cave in,
And I watched it hit that little girl.
I tried to scream,
And I wanted to hurl.

I heard the child scream for help,
But my leg was stuck.
I heard an order from my boss,
To head back to the truck.

My friend Tomas helped me up,
But that little girl was dead.
I burried my hands ontop my face
And cried myself to bed.

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