bad past, bright future

just something i thought up. based on my life, and a book i just read

Created by Not.Dead.Yet on Thursday, December 20, 2007

it started with no friends
then led to depression
i met you
and the symptoms lessened

when you died
on came major depression
that led to alchocolism
and 1 little cut

cutting led to something
that i should have started...not
at first it was pot
that led to LSD

i jumped right on up to
and methemphetimine

i was sleeping around
on the one i loved dear
he found out
i didnt shed a tear

i was short of cash
and needed a fix
i offered my body
and that sold fast

it was late one night
and i was out at a club
he hit on me
and i let him get on

9 months later
im having his kid
he ditched me
for some hillbilly in kentucky

i gave up the brat
so i could have a life
i dont regret it
im just too damn high

i hooked up
with my dealer's bro
he's pretty hott
and likes to fuck slow

hes a junkie
not much i can say
ok hes sweet
but i wont love him, no way

fuck all night
do drugs all day
guess i had it commin
when i was real late

another guy
another kid
but one relationship
i just might keep

i went to rehab
he forced me to go
iv been clean for 8 months
the rest of my life, who knows?

my baby is 17 today
he grew up just fine
contrary to what i did
in my past life

my husband and i
havent said a word
about how we were
back when we were young

we both kept hold
to whats ours
our minds and
our son

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